Handcrafted Herbal Storage

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Pack perfection. 

Smoking on the go made easy.

Quality is king.

It's also a guarantee.

Protect what makes you happy—time, money, and of course your herbal blends.  

Best sellers.

The people have spoken.

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Classic Short Dugouts

The most discreet of all our boxes. Our short dugout is perfect for conveniently concealing your consumption. 

Classic Tall Dugouts

A modern spin on a timeless classic. Protect your herb with our our endless combos of hand selected wood grains. 

Double Sided Dugouts

The 2-Tymer is a 3rd Grain creation designed to keep multiple blends of herb on deck. Because everyone likes variety.

XL Dugouts—Chillouts

With an oversized pocket and a chillum, you can rest easy knowing you'll have plenty for the journey—with some to spare.

Pack up.

A better way to break down.

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"Perfect for your pocket."

— Dope Magazine

It's Alive!

Introducing you to the 3G Frankenstein. Multiple woodgrains in one box.

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