It's a beautifully simple box with two holes or "pockets" one designed to hold your favorite herbal blends and the other made to hold a glass one-hitter. A tight-twisting top keeps glass and herb tucked safely inside—just twist the top and let our spring loaded box hand you a one-hitter ready to pack. Guaranteed to last for years, we hand select our hardwoods from a Minnesota lumberyard.

We find ourselves fortunate that nature provides us with the beautiful grains from which we craft our boxes, so we aim to give back to nature. Every 3G product sold helps preserve the trails and natural beauty of Duluth, MN.





1. Rotating Cap - Tight fitting cap keeps herb safe and glass bat stored and protected

2. Pivot Point - top rotates on a high grade American made screw to reveal pocket and bat 

3. Storage Pocket - tight sealed storage area for your favorite legal herbal blends

4. Glass Bat - twist the top and let the spring loaded dugout hand you your glass bat.