What is a Dugout?

It's simple.

It's a box designed to hold your herb and your one-hitter. Like a flask for your herb.


Twist and toke.

A spring loaded one-hitter and large storage pocket are covered by a tight twisting top.


Pull and pack.

Remove one-hitter, pack it up, and enjoy.




Style & Quality

100+ Unique Combinations.

Every detail of a 3rd Grain Dugout is meticulously crafted with convenience and quality as top priorities. Our dugouts have an extra large pocket hole and are seamlessly topped and designed to withstand your active smoking lifestyle. We strive to bring you the greatest variety of unique grains—selecting every board of wood by hand.

Your herb is safe with us. Rest easy knowing your box will withstand the test of time—if it doesn't, we will make it right.




100% Handmade

Made by 3 life-long friends in the heart of Minnesota. 3rd Grain has been crafting quality dugouts at affordable prices since 2008. Shipping them all across the country, 3rd Grain hopes to bring convenience into the lives of every smoker.



Please remember that all 3rd Grain products are for legal use only. 3rd Grain holds no accountability for misuse or illegal use of our products.